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Young team from 5 continents

We are Tripr

Nicholas Green - Founder

Nicholas graduated from Oxford University with a Masters degree in Engineering Science in 2011. He then moved back to Africa. His last job found him living in the jungle of the Congo, exploring for gold. Instead of discovering a mine, he stumbled upon the golden idea of developing Tripr with Alick.
Something you probably did not know about Nicholas: he is over 2m tall.

Alick Dru - Founder

Alick began working on Tripr the day after he finished his Oxford University final examinations. Alick works with Nick on the day to day running of Tripr. Alick loves tech and entrepreneurship. Previously, he founded an online tutorial start-up whilst studying at Oxford. Alick was also an early (albeit small) investor in Bitcoin. Before Oxford, Alick also spent time travelling and went to school in Spain and France.
Something you probably did not know about Alick: he used to get paid to play online poker.

Miraan Tabrez - Founder

Miraan is currently studying Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford University. As an entrepreneur he started an online business, selling e-books and drop shipping products via eBay. At the age of twelve, he started a web development company. After completing several high profile projects in his teens, he interned at FTSE at the age of sixteen and was offered a job. Instead he went to Oxford, where he met Alick. A little later, he started work on Tripr and built the first version of the app in under a month.
Something you probably did not know about Miraan: he started his first business at the age of 11.

Justin Melnick - Head of R&D

Justin graduated from University of Cape Town with a degree in human physiology and biochemistry before joining the R&D industry. He has been intensely involved in the innovation stream from ideation to concept development, feasibility studies and ultimately execution for 2.5 years now. With a passion for people and innovation he is driven by solving everyday problems with novel solutions.
Something you probably did not know about Justin: he currently has two patents to his name

Ted Alling - Advisor

Ted is a serial founder who has built two successful and fast-growing companies by age 35. In 2002 ted founded access america transport, one of the fastest-growing third-party logistics companies in the country, with his two best friends from college, barry large and allan davis. Without any VC or pe money, they grew access to over $500 million in revenue. In 2010 they founded lamp post group, a venture capital firm and tech business incubator. Ted is an active advisor and friend.
Something you probably did not know about Ted: he is probably the greatest person that you have not met yet.

David Skok - Advisor

David Skok joined Matrix Partners as a General Partner in May 2001. He has a wealth of experience running companies. David started his first company in 1977 at age 22. Since then David has founded a total of four separate companies and performed one turn-around. Three of these companies went public.
Something you probably did not know about David: he is an avid golfer and a fanatastic photographer.

Nikko Huertas - Marketing

From Seattle, Nikko has worked in marketing, communications and branding in both the technology and healthcare industry. With a passion for travel and entrepreneurship, he helps advise with Tripr marketing and brand strategy.
Something you probably did not know about Nikko: he works at GoPro when he is not with Tripr.

Tom Gordon - Director of Technology

Tom is the Director of Technology at Tripr. With more than 30 years as a developer, Tom understands tech. He has been programming actively since 1978 and has been online since about 1988, and working on the "internet" (world wide web) since 1992. Tom brings a wealth of technological experience to the team. He has rebuilt the backend.
Something you probably did not know about Tom: he has also won both a Bafta and and an Emmy.

Andrew Huang - Marketing

Hailing from Hong Kong, England, and now studying in the States, Andrew is your classic third-culture kid with a lifelong identity crisis. Embracing his passion for entrepreneurship, travel and making "big ideas" happen, Andrew's been working as a marketing officer for Tripr since March 2015. As the youngest member of the team, he is about to enter his third year at Duke University, where he will be double-majoring in English Literature and PPE.
Something you probably did not know about Andrew: he is a self-proclaimed festival lover, people-pleaser, and an avid writer of terrible poetry.

Nathanael Alcock - Developer

Having evaded national authorities in fifteen countries and one principality for six years, launched two homemade nuclear submarines in international waters, and successfully converted lead to gold, Nathanael decided to take on a real challenge by attempting to develop in Swift on a computer with only 2 GB of RAM. Sadly, it was not to be. Realising that, while he may be able to fool assorted intelligence agencies across the world for barely a second thought, a task as absurd as that was beyond even his skills, he raised his RAM 4-fold and was blown away at the fact it was possible to have a computer respond to key presses in less than five seconds.
Something you probably did not know about Nathanael: he finds it impossible to lie about himself.

George Nishimura - Developer

George is not American. He may sound like one, he may act like one, and he may have spent consecutive summers in Redmond (Washington) and Boston (Massachusetts) but he can never be president. Regardless, George trudges on, and after four years of studying the craft of software engineering at Imperial College London, he’s finally ready (being forced) to enter the real world.
Something you probably did not know about George: he started at Tripr about five minutes ago.

Tudor Maxim - Developer

Tudor started programming for Tripr not long ago, but he is very happy to be on board. He is currently a UCL student, looking forward to grow his skills and get the best out of his life. His whole university experience is a journey far from home.
Something you probably did not know about Tudor: If one third of our lives we spend asleep, Tudor spends the other two thirds listening to music and playing it too.

Rachel Crawford - Director of Marketing

Rachel became passionate about Tripr when still working with the leading hostel brand Generator, there she set up and led the pan-European teams for both Venue and Special Projects. She has been working in innovation within travel for the past 6 years, specialising in lifestyle brands. Previously, Rachel co-founded a worldwide hospitality association for young talent, YHS. Her favourite side project Festi-Found, is a not-for-profit organisation in UK, reclaiming and reusing abandoned festival tents. Rachel has lived in 12 countries and travelled to over 40 as a backpacker.
Something you probably didn't know about Rachel: she was born in Bermuda in the middle of a hurricane.

Gulliver Johnson - Developer

Hailing from UCL Computer Science, Gulliver's had his focus on driving our Android app development. When he's not holed up with coffee and a laptop, you might catch a glimpse of him freerunning across London - or, on rare occasions, cycling around the Peak District back home.
Something you may not know about Gulliver: He once collaborated with the world champion ragtime pianist on a piece of music.

Jobs at Tripr?

Are you interested in joining the Tripr team? We are always looking out for new talent and have a variety of roles available. Please send an email to: